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Belly dance teacher in Dubai. Belly dancing lessons in Dubai with best instructor in town. Group classes and private lessons 1 on 1. Where to take bellydance classes in dubai? oriental dance from the one and only Shayma. Do you wanna learn all the secrets of bellydancing? Join Shayma classes in different locations around Dubai. AL Quoz, AL Serkal avenue, DIFC & JLT. Also available online. Live stream classes Online tutorials. Register now. 

Learn Belly dance Anytime, Anywhere

bellydance Lessons online & at the studio



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  • Private Lessons 1-to-1

  • Bellydance On Demand

  • Live stream Lessons & OFFLINE



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  • Private Lessons 1-to-1

  • Group Lessons for Beginners    to Advance Level

  • Freestyle CARDIO Bellydance


About Shayma

International Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer

Born in Argentina, fell in love with Bellydancing at the age of 12. Shayma studied the Art of Bellydancing, the music, and even the language to be able to perform it, and later on, teach it through a unique method developed by herself. 

Shayma first performance was in 2000 when she was only 13 years old, since then she performed in Argentinian-Lebanese famous restaurants & events which lead her to a promising career. In 2007 she open her own dance school in Argentina and a year later travel to Middle East to live a dream life. 

During the last 22 years she had performed and give workshops in UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar,  Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, France, Spain, Neatherlands, Malaysia, Turkey, USA & Argentina.

Based in Dubai since 2008, Shayma passionatly teaches the Art of Bellydancing to arab ladies as well as foreigners.

Her last achievement was to complete a Bachelor's degree in Psychology which lead her to her second passion, which is to help people through Dance Therapy. 

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