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Belly dance teacher in Dubai. Belly dancing lessons in Dubai with best instructor in town. Group classes and private lessons 1 on 1. Where to take bellydance classes in dubai? oriental dance from the one and only Shayma. Do you wanna learn all the secrets of bellydancing? Join Shayma classes in different locations around Dubai. AL Quoz, AL Serkal avenue, DIFC & JLT. Also available online. Live stream classes Online tutorials. Register now. 

Hello and welcome to my world of bellydancing!

My name is Shayma and I am a professional bellydancer with more than 20 years of experience. 

I started bellydancing when I was 12 years old and quickly felt in love with everything related to Middle East. 

My first show was at the age of 13, and when I left the stage I told myself 'this is what I wanna do the rest of my life'

Why? Because the feeling we experience on stage is unique. I felt I was somebody else, I felt freedom, happiness, 

As a child I was extremely shy, and I am still very introvert, but when I dance I am somebody else, Im strong and confident, I am feminine. I am the inspiration for many other to start dancing and that fill my heart. 

I started teaching to the kids in my neighborhood when I was 17 and opened my own dance school when I was 19. But a year later my destiny changed completely, an agency from Lebanon saw my dance and they wanted me to tour around Middle East. I couldn't refuse so in 2008 I travelled to Lebanon where I lived for 2 years, I perform and teach bellydance and I also trained dancers to become professional. I tour and performed around Lebanon, Tunis, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Malaysia, Netherlands, France, Turkey and the US. 

My life wasn't completed till I settled down in UAE and started teaching again. My passion is teaching, if you had taken my classes you know it. I've designed two different programs one to learn the steps and work on a choreography and a second one for fitness & freestyle just for dancing where the music doesn't stop. The last one was born in the gym where I taught for more than 8 years, specially created for t

the original is the way I learnt bellydancing, going step by step, teaching you the basics, the secrets and details of each movement, the 'how' and the 'why' of each movement and putting those steps together to a monthly  choreography where we work on transitions.

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