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Kasumi Kimura the only one.
The first Japanese Bellydancer to obtain official license from the Egyptian Government as Professional Bellydancer 
Kasumi lives in Egypt for more than 20 years

and she is a world top bellydancer at Cairo
Bellydance Festival "Ahlan wa Sahlan" opening gala show and Master Teacher

In 1997 she debuted on the hotel of 5 stars “Cairo Marriott Hotel” as the first dancer from the east Asian countries and the only  Asian belly dancer. Later she had been contracted by most of5stars hotels in Cairo, and has been dancing in restaurants, nile cruises, weddings, parties, etc. 
She became the most popular belly dancer at army club Egypt weddings and was awarded a medal by the military authorities in 1999. 
She appears frequently in the Egyptian magazines and the press, and has taken part in movies and commercials on TV. 
She has danced in Japan as a special guest for Reda Troupe and other national dance companies of Egyptian folklore credited by the Ministry of culture. 
At present she is still living in Egypt and works with international cruises, in weddings in the Arabian or European countries and in VIP parties. In May, 2012, she received the official letter of recommendation from the Egyptian Ministry of tourism because of her long careers and activities with the official license as a professional dancer from the government of Egypt. 
and in japan her origin country
she has many her festival all of japan every year.
and she is always invited as special dancer&teacher from many international bellydance festival like U.S.A, or U.K ,Spain,FRANCE, Czech Republic, Serbia, China, Vietnam etc..

And every year she has been the one of famous belly dancer in the TOP world  belly dance festival “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”opening party and she also takes part in the workshops of dance as a master teacher& completion judge as well.


Sunday, 28th MAY - 6.30pm to 8.30pm 

Mahragan Shaabi

Egypt, Cairo, crowded alleys, Cornish on the Nile, Falka on the Nile, overcrowded minibuses and honking tuk-tuks, weddings on the streets, etc...
with festival music or shaabi
This genre known as the soundtrack is always present on the streets of Egypt!
It's a fun Mahraganat Shabi that makes you feel like you're in an Egyptian town.
Please join us.
Let's all have a blast!


Wednesday,  31th MAY - 6.30 to 8.30 PM



Saturdat,  3rd JUNE - 12.30 to 2.30 PM



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Kasumi Kimura 

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